How Do You Install a Metal Chimney?


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To install a metal chimney, choose a location to place the flue, install the support bucket, place the flashing for the chimney and begin installing the chimney piping starting from the bottom. Ensure tight, sealed connections before finishing the project.

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Before installation, ensure you have the proper permits, and remember to install the chimney at the same time that you install the wood burning stove or furnace. Choose a location for the chimney that is just over 12 inches long on all sides or as wide as the support bucket, and opt for a location between rafters and ceiling joists. Cut and install the framing members, and create the opening in the ceiling. With the aid of a helper, lower the support bucket from the roof, nailing it in place. Use screws to secure it to the framing.

After ensuring the chimney is lined up, install the flashing from the roof and tear out the shingles along the perimeter. Add caulking to create a tight seal, and replace the shingles. Return to the floor level to begin installing the chimney piping up through the flashing. Install the top of the chimney as instructed in the products manual. To stabilize the chimney, place a storm collar around the base.

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