How Do You Install a Maytag Dryer Belt?

To install a new dryer belt in a Maytag dryer, remove the panels to access the idler arm pulley, wrap the new belt around the drum, fit the belt into the motor pulley and idler arm pulley, and fasten the panels. The process may vary slightly depending on the model.

Unplug the dryer, and open the front door of the appliance to unscrew the screws under the upper lip so the top of the dryer can be flipped up. Grab the front panel from the base, lift it straight up, and slide it out of the plastic clips that secure it. Unfasten the screws on the shroud cover to remove it, and then locate the idler pulley near the back of the dryer. Ensure the new belt is not twisted, and wrap it around the drum, fitting it into the V-groove.

Sliding the belt over the motor pulley, create slack to allow the belt to fit over the idler pulley by pushing the arm forward. The belt should become tense upon releasing the pulley arm. Screw the shroud back on the dryer, and put the front panel back in place by pushing it downwards to engage the clips. Secure the top of the dryer before plugging the appliance back into the electrical outlet. Test the appliance.

Older models of Maytag dryer have a more complex disassembling step. When removing the belt, make sure to disconnect the exhaust and the gas line if you're working with a gas-powered dryer. Make sure the gas is turned off before disconnecting the gas line. Older models of Maytag dryers also have two different belts and more complicated mechanisms to deal with.

With the newer Maytag dryers that use belts, only one belt is required to spin the tumbler inside the dryer. This belt must be properly fitted to the pulley mechanisms and run around the tumbler itself to ensure the tumbler spin properly. If the belt is not properly installed, it pops off of the mechanism, and the tumbler does not spin. Improper installation may lead to damage to the belt. Once the belt has been properly installed, replace the tumbler front and the appliance front panel to complete the installation.