How Do You Install a Maxx Shower Door?


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To install a Maxx shower door, you need a tape measure, drill bits, and a miter box level hacksaw. Before you begin the installation, verify that all shower door pieces are in the box.

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First, measure the inside area for the shower door. Carefully cut the aluminum base track with a hacksaw for it to fit tightly between the stalled walls. Vacuum up the metal fillings to prevent them from scratching the bathroom floor.

Center the track from front to back and secure it with tape. Snap the side rails into place, and check for plumb using a level. Drill mounting holes using a 3/16-inch drill bit, and mark them with an awl to make a depression for your drill bit. Tap a plastic wall anchor into each screw, and wipe away the dirt from the working space.

Apply caulk inside the lines on the track and set it in place. Ensure the draining weep holes on the side are kept on the inside of the shower. Fix one side rail into place using screws and the header onto the other side and slide its end on the wall. Screw the rollers diagonally into place to enable adjustment. Lift the door and slip the hinge rail into the jamb. Fasten the hinge rails to the jamb with the pan-head screws provided.

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