How Do You Install Mastic Vinyl Siding?

How Do You Install Mastic Vinyl Siding?

Install Mastic vinyl siding by measuring the house, ordering the appropriate amount of materials, applying the first line and adding the rest of the siding. Cut each piece during application, and install the trim.

  1. Measure the house

    Enlist the aid of a helper, and use a tape measure to determine the height and width of each wall. Multiply the measurements to determine square footage.

  2. Order the siding

    Contact your dealer to order the proper amount of siding in the desired color and finish. Order the top, bottom and corner trim you need to complete the job.

  3. Apply the first line

    Beginning at the top of each wall, apply the first strip of siding. Make sure the siding is flush against the wall and level. Attach the siding using the nail holes at the top of each piece. Do not nail the bottom of the panel.

  4. Add the rest of the siding

    Lock the next piece of siding into the one above it. Check that it is level and true. Use the bottom nail holes to attach the panel. Cut around any windows and at the edges of the wall. Continue until you finish the wall, and then move to the next wall.

  5. Install the trim

    Add the top and bottom caps to each wall. Install the corner trim.