How do you install a manual lift garage door?


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Manual lift garage door installation consists of assembling and mounting the rollers and brackets, installing the tracks and attaching the door. Manual doors utilize either a torsion spring system which mounts on the header above the door or an extension that floats above the upper-roller rack. Torsion spring systems tend to be quieter, safer and easier to adjust than extension doors. Most installations require only a few basic tools to complete.

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The first step of an installation is to attach weather stripping to the bottom of the garage door. Most track and roller systems require some basic installation before mounting. Assemble the tracks into sections, and then mount them using jamb-mounted brackets. Lift these sections and position with a helper during mounting. Rollers slip into the vertical tracks along either side of the doorway. Secure the hinges using a drill.

Use lag screws to secure manual lift garage door hardware to frame members. Bolt together the curved and horizontal tracks, and mount them in place. Measure the horizontal tracks to ensure a level installation before attaching the door. Manual lift garage doors weight between 250 to 450 pounds and typically require more than one worker to complete the installation process.

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