How Do You Install a Mailbox?

How Do You Install a Mailbox?

To install a roadside mailbox, learn the federal and city guidelines for installing a mailbox before digging a hole, installing a post, and securing the post with concrete. After the concrete sets, attach the mailbox to the post, affix the address, and decorate it as desired.

  1. Check federal regulations and city ordinances

    Federal guidelines state that a mailbox must be no more than 45 inches from the ground and approximately 2 feet from the right side of the road, and the house numbers must be clearly marked. Local restrictions may also apply.

  2. Dig a hole for your post

    The hole should be deep enough to allow the concrete to make a solid foundation for your post. It's a good idea to create extra depth to add gravel for drainage.

  3. Set and secure the post

    After placing the post in the hole, use a level and reinforcement to make sure it stands up straight. While adding the concrete, check your levels occasionally. Leave the supports in place until the concrete hardens.

  4. Attach the mailbox, and add finishing touches

    Using fabricated supports or a design of your own, securely fasten the new mailbox to the post. Mark your house number clearly on the front and side with adhesive or metal letters and numbers. Paint your new mailbox to match your home.