How Do You Install a MAAX Shower?


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Installation of a MAAX shower generally requires preparing the piping for shower installation and making sure the floor and walls are ready before attaching the shower with drills. However, MAAX offers an array of shower designs, and the installation process depends on the type of shower.

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MAAX offers a number of standalone showers that can be attached directly to studs in the wall. Homeowners should place the shower where it's going to be installed to make sure it fits and that the hookups are within range. After verifying a proper fit, it's important to check the corners to make sure the shower is as flush as possible. People comfortable with drilling can mark the drill locations and drill both the wall and the shower, although it's important to be careful when drilling into plastic. Some of MAXX's showers use panels; homeowners should attach these panels after the shower structure has been drilled into place.

Showers need connections to the hot and cold water. These are typically installed in bathrooms already, but homeowners creating a new bathroom might need to call in a plumber to attach the piping correctly. Showers also require drain pipes, which should also be available in a room intended to hold bathroom appliances. In some cases, homeowners might need to get permits before performing work in the bathroom.

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