How Do You Install Lowe's Laminate Floors?


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Lowe's offers a 28-step set of comprehensive text instructions on how to install its laminate floors starting with preparation of the subfloor, moving on to the floor's installation and terminating with the final application of silicone sealant. The company's website describes the installation of a floating laminate floor.

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A floating laminate floor is one that does not need construction adhesive, nails or staples to remain attached to the foundation or subfloor. Lowe's lists two power tools that homeowners need to install a laminate floor successfully: a jigsaw and circular saw. The company also lists a table saw and miter saw as optional power tools ideal for the procedure.

Other tools necessary for installing a laminate floor include a utility knife, level, hammer, dead blow hammer, pull bar and wood glue. Lowe's recommends the use of safety glasses, knee pads and dust masks to protect the installer's health, as well. Floating laminate floor installation requires the following materials: laminate flooring panels, flooring spacers, transitions, mouldings, nail set, wood filler and finish nails. In certain homes, an additional underlayment may be required to provide the most durable results. Similarly, a moisture or vapor barrier may be necessary in homes that frequently suffer from moisture leaks.

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