How Do You Install a Livestock Fence?


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The type of livestock fence required determines how it is installed. A woven wire field fence is stretched and attached to metal posts that are pounded into the ground. Flexible wire is attached to the fence, and it is braced at corners with solid wooden posts. A wooden fence is built using planks that are usually 1 inch in thickness. These planks are nailed between wooden posts that are installed by digging a hole and inserting the post.

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Electric livestock fences are installed using a series of posts that are either wood, metal or plastic. If the posts do not have built-in insulators that hold electric wires, insulators must be installed. Electric wire is run and sometimes stretched very tightly. The fence is energized using an electric fence charger that is attached to the wires and grounded using rods that are driven 8 feet into the ground.

In areas prone to lightning storms, a separate lightning protection device and extra ground rods are installed. This prevents the electric fence charger from critical damage if struck by lightning. Electric fence netting for small livestock such as chickens and small goats exists that can be installed by simply rolling out the fence into your desired shape. Electric fence netting comes with stakes attached and installs quickly. This type of fence is sometimes called electric poultry netting.

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