How Do You Install Linoleum?

How Do You Install Linoleum?

To install linoleum, lay a plywood subfloor, remove the baseboards, measure and mark the floor, apply adhesive, and press the linoleum into the adhesive. You need a pry bar, a measuring tape, a chalk line, adhesive, a floor roller, a trowel, nails, plywood, a hammer and a rubber mallet.

  1. Lay a plywood subfloor

    Cover the floor with sheets of 1/4-inch plywood, and nail them in place at 6-inch intervals. Using a pry bar, remove the baseboards.

  2. Measure and mark the subfloor

    From the doorway, note which wall is most visible from your location. Measure the wall, mark its center and run a chalk line from the marking to the opposite wall. Snap the line to mark the plywood.

  3. Apply the adhesive

    Spread adhesive over the blue chalk line.

  4. Install the linoleum

    Starting from the wall, center a linoleum panel over the chalk line. Press down firmly. Repeat across the entire chalk line. Spread adhesive in a line parallel to the panels, and install the next row of linoleum. Continue until the floor is covered.

  5. Press the linoleum into the adhesive

    Tamp the linoleum into the adhesive with a 100-pound roller. To even out each tile, place a sheet of plywood over it, and hit the plywood with a rubber mallet.

  6. Reattach the baseboards

    Wait several days for the adhesive to dry, and then reattach the baseboards.