How Do You Install a Light for a Swimming Pool?

How Do You Install a Light for a Swimming Pool?

Installing a pool light requires choosing the right light and assembling it according to the manufacturer's directions. Then, set up the power supply and install the light in the pool. A little electrical know-how is required for this do-it-yourself project.

One of the most important steps in installing a pool light is choosing the correct light. Be sure to understand what parts of the light are replaceable and what kind of electrical work is necessary to safely install the light. Choosing a suction-mounted light will prevent having to drain the pool to install the light. Those with no electrical experience might want to choose a battery-powered light.

  1. Assemble the light
  2. Assemble the light according to the manufacturer's directions. Check all seals for water tightness by submerging the fixture in shallow water and looking for bubbles.

  3. Set up the power supply
  4. For battery-operated lights, install the batteries. For a corded light, mount the transformer to the wall next to an outlet and plug the light in.

  5. Install the light
  6. Make sure the light is operating properly and mount the working light on the pool wall following the manufacturer's instructions.

When installing the light in a pool with a hard edge, remove the edging cover and run the cord over the edge. With the cord in place, replace the edging.