How Do You Install LED Under-Cabinet Lighting?


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Installation of LED under-cabinet lighting involves rewiring or replacing the existing electrical box, mounting the light fixture, connecting the fixture to the power source and activation switch, and testing the LED before installing fixture covers and wall plates. For safety purposes, always disconnect power at the circuit breaker before beginning the installation process.

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Create a hole to remove the existing electrical box. Hold the fixture in place, and measure a length of cable that runs from the mounting point to the electrical box. Feed the cable through the interior of any cabinets or walls until it reaches the location of the new electrical box. Mount the light fixture after ensuring it's properly positioned and centered.

Strip away the plastic sheathing from the cable, and connect all necessary wires to the fixture's connecting screws. Secure the cable using the fixture's connector screws; make sure the screws clamp down on the cable's plastic sheathing and not on individual wires. Attach the other end of the cable to the new electrical box before mounting it in place. Install a GFCI outlet, attach the wires to the activation switch, and select an LED for the fixture. Restore power at the breaker, and test the fixture before finishing the installation.

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