How Do You Install a Laundry Chute Door?


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Installing a laundry chute requires a utility knife, galvanized heating duct, tin snips, a 90-degree duct elbow with a 6-inch register opening, duct tape, screws and a drywall repair kit. Installation can be completed in one afternoon.

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  1. Cut open the drywall

    Locate two studs that are beside each other on a non-load-bearing wall above the laundry room. The studs should run parallel to the floor joists. Remove a 42-inch-tall section of drywall between the two studs.

  2. Prepare the base plate and wall for the chute

    Cut out the base plate and plywood floor underlayment between the two studs to the laundry chute dimensions. Prepare supports for the top and bottom of the laundry chute by nailing two pieces of wood between the studs at the height of the top and bottom of the chute.

  3. Prepare the duct

    Attach a 90-degree elbow with a 6-inch register opening to 3.5-inch by 12-inch galvanized heating duct. Use tin snips to cut the corners of the register to match the size of the laundry chute door. Use duct tape to line the inside rough edges where the duct and elbow connect.

  4. Run the duct and patch the drywall

    Pass the straight end of the duct into the hole in the floor underlayment. Screw the register to the supports nailed to the studs. Patch the area around the register using the drywall repair kit.

  5. Install the laundry chute door

    Anchor the laundry chute door to the support pieces previously attached to the studs using wood screws.

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