How Do You Install Lattice Around a Patio?


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Install lattice around a patio by installing support posts, framing the lattice and connecting the frame to the posts. Use lattice to provide a privacy screen that allows breezes and light to pass through the openings. Most home improvement stores have plastic lattice that eliminates the need for painting and is low on maintenance.

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Set posts around the perimeter of the patio on the sides where you are installing the privacy wall. Leave an opening so there is still access to the back yard from the patio. Space the posts the same distance as the width of the material you are installing. Use pressure-treated posts to prevent rot from the ground contact.

One method of framing the lattice is to use 2x4s and install stops in the frame to hold it in place. Another is to use 1x4s and sandwich the lattice between the boards. Regardless of the way you choose to proceed, paint the lumber and the posts before attaching the lattice. Connect the lattice to the posts to complete the project.

Increase your privacy and decorate the area by hanging plants from the inside and outside of the lattice. Add potted plants along the bottom edge of the screen on the patio or in beds along the outer edge.

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