How Do You Install a Larson Storm Door?


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To install a Larson storm door, place the hinge rail on the opening, allowing the top of the rail to reach the top of the opening. Mark the opening where the screw holes touch, and drill a hole into the markings. Insert 1-inch screws into the holes, leaving 1/8 inch of the screw exposed.

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Place the inside of the storm door upwards across two saw horses to attach the hinge rail to the side of the door. Slide the extension from the rail into the door's notch, and screw it into place. Drill holes into the door frame that correspond to the holes on the rail, and then secure the rail to the door. Place the hinge extender onto the hinge rail.

Take the storm door to the opening, and hang the rail onto the screws in the opening. Tighten the screws using a drill. Close the storm door, and locate the holes on the outside of the door hinge. Using a drill, insert the screws to secure the door to the frame. Line the door cap up with the edge of the hinge rail, ensuring clearance across the top of the storm door. Secure the cap with screws and a drill.

On the opposite side of the jam, place the latch rail so it lines up with the end of the cap. Secure it into position with a drill and screws. Place the latch rail extender into the bottom of the latch rail so that it lines up with the sill of the door. Secure the door handle, slide the weather stripping into the expander, and trim any excess stripping. Place the expander over the bottom of the door so it touches the top of the sill, and secure with a drill and screws.

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