How Do You Install Lap Siding?

Installing lap siding involves preparing the siding boards and the wall surface, laying out the boards, and securing the boards to the wall with nails. Be sure to use the nail type that the board manufacturer recommends. You need primer, boards, a paint brush, a spirit level and nails to complete this task. A meter saw and a building paper are also handy.

Priming the boards protects them from destructive elements after the installation process. To prime the boards, use the paint brush to apply the primer, turn the board over, prime the opposite side, repeat the process for the remaining boards, and allow the primer to dry. While the primed surface is drying, prepare the wall by clearing it of any coverings, and cover it with the building paper. Next, lay the boards over the surface in a suitable pattern, cutting the boards as needed with the miter saw to fit the surface ends. To ensure even layout, use the spirit level to mark level lines on the wall, which act as guides during the layout.

After laying the boards, secure the boards onto the surface with the nails. Take caution not to destroy the boards while driving the nails because the softness of some boards, such as gypsum and fiberboards, renders the boards highly vulnerable to destruction.