How Do You Install Landscape Outdoor Lighting?


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Place the power box near the outdoor electrical outlet on the home, lay the power cables out in the desired area, and dig a trench that is approximately 3 inches deep along the power cable route. Connect each light to the power cable, cover the power cable with dirt and sod, and place each light in the ground by pressing the stake end of the light into the ground.

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Do not plug the power box that controls the landscaping lights into the outdoor outlet until the cables are buried, and use a screwdriver to make a hole in the ground at each light to make pushing the lights into the ground easier. Connect each light to the cable before burying the cable, and place the lights at least 10 feet apart. Use 12-gauge cable if the lighting system is under 200 watts and 14-gauge cable for lighting that is over 200 watts.

Connect the wire to the transformer by stripping 1/2 inch of plastic from the end of the cable and connecting the wire to the appropriate screws on the transformer box. Place the transformer box on the house or on a stake near the outlet, install an in-use outlet cover at the power source, and plug the lights into the outlet.

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