How Do You Install a Lamp Post?

How Do You Install a Lamp Post?

To install a lamp post, dig a trench and footer, install the conduit, pour the footer, and mount the post. Wire the post, and plug in the power to test the lamp post.

  1. Dig a trench and footer

    Did a 12-inch deep trench from the power outlet to the lamp post. Dig a 2-by-2-by-2-foot hole, and press its bottom with a manual temper. Put a plywood barrier between the foundation and conduit trench, and drill a hole in the block for the conduit to run through.

  2. Install the conduit and anchor bolts

    Install a polyvinyl chloride conduit in the dug trench to protect the electric cords from moisture. Cut a piece of plywood at least 8 inches wider than the foundation hole, drill the conduit, anchor bolt holes, and attach the anchor bolts and screw nut. Anchor the plywood with stakes around the edges.

  3. Build a footer

    Fill the hole with concrete, put the top plywood piece, and set the anchor bolts vertically in the concrete. Let the concrete set for a day.

  4. Install the post

    Remove the anchor bolt nuts and plywood template, insert the lamp post on the anchor bolts, and secure it with retaining nuts. Run the cord through the conduit, wire the cord to the post, and plug in the cord. Switch on the power, and test the lamp post.