How Do You Install Laminate Wood Flooring?

How Do You Install Laminate Wood Flooring?

Laminate wood flooring is installed by locking the pieces together with a tongue and groove design, and then gluing them together at the edges on top of a closed-cell polyethylene foam padding. Installing a laminate wood flooring does not require any carpentry experience but does require the knowledge of how to properly measure and make cuts for the flooring pieces with a power saw.

The process of installing a wood laminate flooring has several steps. Before beginning the project, the flooring should be placed in the room and allowed to acclimate to the humidity and room temperature to prevent buckling.

  1. Remove existing trim
  2. Use a pry bar to remove the existing baseboard molding and set them aside for re-installation after the floor is complete.

  3. Place the foam pad down
  4. Make sure the floor is clean and all debris is removed before placing the foam padding down. Do not allow the pad to overlap; cut it as it is needed.

  5. Prepare the layout
  6. Determine how to lay the boards in the room. The boards in the last row need to be at least 2 inches in width.

  7. Start the first row
  8. Cut the boards with the finished side down for the first row. Use the spacing chips included with the flooring to separate the floor from the wall at a 1/4 inch. Install the boards with the tongue side facing towards the wall. Connect the boards using the tongue-in-groove feature either by hand or using a pull bar and hammer.

  9. Install the remaining flooring boards
  10. Stagger the seams at least 12 inches when installing new rows. The last row must be installed at an angle using a pry bar to pull them into place. Be sure to leave a 1/4 gap at the wall with the last row.

  11. Cut door casings
  12. Instead of cutting the flooring to fit around the door casings, cut the door casings to allow the flooring to slide underneath.

  13. Replace the trim
  14. Replace the existing trim that was removed at the beginning of the job.