How Do You Install Laminate Flooring From IKEA?


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To install IKEA laminate flooring, remove the tongue part of several pieces of laminate, place spacers along the wall to leave a 1/4 inch gap, and put the first piece of flooring in place. Lay all the other pieces to complete one row using a plastic punch and a hammer. Trim another piece of laminate to have a different length than the first piece in the first row, lay it down, and finish laying the second row and other rows.

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Rip all the old materials off the floor before laying the laminate flooring, clean it and cut off the parts of door frames that extend above the floor. If there is a chance that the laminate might be exposed to moisture, place a piece of plastic sheeting on the floor before laying laminate on it. Secure it in place with duct tape. Place foam padding on the floor in one layer, and attach it with duct tape.

It is a good idea to place laminate flooring in the room where it is going to be installed two or three days before installing it, as flooring can expand or shrink in different temperatures. Try connecting several pieces of laminate together before attaching them to make sure that you know how they need to be placed together. The floor looks visually more pleasing if the laminate is laid down lengthwise. You can use a rubber mallet instead of a hammer to attach flooring.

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