How Do You Install Laminate Flooring?

How Do You Install Laminate Flooring?

If applicable, remove carpet, base boards, carpet padding and tack strips. Level and clean the floor, and then measure it. Take those measurements, and calculate how much flooring will be needed. Under-cut the door frames so the laminate fits beneath it. Install the underlayment. Measure and cut the laminate flooring so it fits to the room. Join and attach the laminate, and hammer it into place with a rubber mallet. Re-install the base boards to fit over the laminate flooring.

To remove the base boards, score and trim them with a utility knife. Pry them away from the wall with a putty knife. When cleaning the floor, scrape away any residual adhesive or paint with the putty knife. Allow the flooring to acclimate to the floor, allowing it to sit flat on the surface for two to four days.

Trim away any excess underlayment with a utility knife, and tape together the pieces to make a flat cover over the floor. Connect the laminate flooring by snapping the end tongue of a piece of flooring into the groove of another. Join connected strips of laminate by pressing the long end tight into the next board with the short end not overlapping.

Close the gaps between the laminate flooring and the wall by wedging a pull bar between the two and using a mallet to strike the bar away from the flooring.

Once the flooring is laid, install threshold pieces at the open doorways. Finish by removing the spacers and installing the baseboards.