How Do You Install Laminate Countertops?

How Do You Install Laminate Countertops?

To install laminate countertops, remove the old countertops and appliances, install the new countertops, apply glue, and fasten the units in place with screws. You need wood shims, caulk and mounting hardware. You also need a hammer, level, power drill and pry bar.

  1. Remove the old fixtures

    Remove the sink and stove if they are attached to the old countertops. Remove any drawers, and set them aside.

  2. Remove the old countertops

    Unhinge the old countertops by unscrewing the mounting brackets at the top railing of the cabinets. Use a utility knife to remove any old caulk. Lift out the countertops in sections.

  3. Position the new countertops

    Put the new countertops in place, and use a level at multiple points to ensure proper balance. Add wood shims where there are any gaps between the underside and cabinet tops.

  4. Glue the countertops

    Connect the countertops by gluing them together with glue from a miter-clamp kit. Add wood glue to the rest of the edges, and push the countertops together.

  5. Tighten the clamps

    Wipe away any remaining glue after fastening the clamps. Push the countertops against the back to ensure that the seams are flush. Add wood shims where necessary to make the countertops level, and hammer the units with a rubber mallet.

  6. Secure the countertops

    Connect the new countertops by adding screws to the mounting brackets.