How Do You Install Kwikset Door Locks?


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The installation of the Kwikset door lock requires the Kwikset bolt kit, screwdrivers and a measuring tape. Measure and cut out the assembly and faceplate openings in the door. Insert the latch into the faceplate opening at the side of the door and secure it by tightening the screws.

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Disassemble the interior portion of the lock. To install the lock on the door, insert the exterior assembly through the latch. Holding the exterior in place, install the interior assembly. Tighten the assembly with the lock screws. Snap on the cover.

Install the new jamb brace on the side portion of the door. Ensure that the sides of the faceplate line up with the flat surface of the latch collar. Push with the drive-in collar. Hold the faceplate in one hand and the latch in the other, and rotate the faceplate clockwise to snap into the collar.

Ensure to test the lock, and make sure the latch smoothly engages into the jamb for security. The reversible lever function allows installation on either a left-hand or a right-hand configured door. The interior lever can be removed from the rosette assembly and switched with the exterior lever. It prevents the lever from being upside down when the installation is complete.

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