How Do You Install a Kwikset Door Knob?


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Install a Kwikset door knob by removing the old lockset, inserting the new latch into the opening on the edge of the door, connecting the two door knobs, and attaching the faceplates. If installing a knob on a new door, it is sometimes necessary to cut the openings for the doorknob.

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Manufacturers use several ways of attaching locksets to doors. Some sets have hidden screws under the faceplate. Remove the knob by removing the setscrew. If a screw is not visible, look for a small trip lever or opening. Press a small screwdriver against the lever, and pull the doorknob off the door. Remove any screws from the faceplate or use a screwdriver to pry screwless plates from the door and remove the hidden screws. Pull the assemblies from the side of the door, and remove the old latch from the edge.

Once the new latch is in place, tighten the screws to hold it in place. Insert the two knob assemblies though the side of the door and the latch. The knob axle goes through the center square opening, and the prongs go through the openings on either side of it. Insert the screws that hold the two sides together, and tighten them. Attach the faceplate over the base, and slide the doorknobs onto the lock.

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