How Do You Install a Kohler Toilet Seat?


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To install a Kohler toilet seat, place the seat on the bowl, slide the wing nuts under the bowl, and tighten the seat's screws with a screwdriver. Once finished, the seat should remain secure while you open and close the lid.

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Kohler toilet seats can be installed in four easy steps. To complete this task, you need the toilet seat, two long screws, the lid's wing nuts, the seat covers for the screws and a screwdriver. All of these parts should come included with the toilet seat, except for the screwdriver.

First, place the screws in the two holes at the back of the seat, so that the screws' heads and the lid's exterior are both facing up. Then, place the seat on the bowl, with the opening facing you and the lid exterior facing up toward the ceiling. The screws should easily slip through the holes in the base of the bowl.

Next, slide the wing nuts under the bowl, and tighten them around the screws. To tighten them, twist the wing nuts counterclockwise. Use a screwdriver to tighten the top of the screws. Tighten the screws until it feels like the lid is secure.

Finally, place the seat caps over the exposed screw heads. They should slip easily over the screws. If the toilet seat shifts or seems loose, pop off the screw caps and tighten the wing nuts and screws again.

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