How Do You Install a Kohler Toilet?

How Do You Install a Kohler Toilet?

To install a Kohler toilet, remove the existing toilet, attach the connector to the pan and connect and install the tank. Models vary, so follow the instructions outlined in the toilet's instruction manual to ensure proper installation.

In order to install a dual-flush two-piece Kohler toilet:

  1. Remove the existing toilet
  2. Before disconnecting and removing the existing toilet, turn off the water supply at the shutoff valve. Flush the toilet and use a sponge or bucket to remove the remaining water. Then disconnect the cistern and old pan.

  3. Determine the connector position
  4. Position the connector onto the pan between the waste pipe and the outlet. If necessary, fix the mounting bracket by screwing in new anchors and brackets.

  5. Attach the cistern
  6. Mount the cistern to the wall if outlined in the installation manual. Then attach the cistern to the pan with the supplied washers and screws and tighten until the cistern is level.

  7. Connect the water supply
  8. Connect the one end of the supply hose to the shutoff valve and the other end to the toilet supply shank. Some models feature the supply hose through a bottom inlet, whereas others feature the hose through a rear inlet, so install based on the toilet model's specifications.

  9. Connect the internal components
  10. Follow the instructions in the installation manual to install the tank hose, inlet valve and flush valve. Then install the push rods, if necessary.