How Do You Install a Kohler Faucet Aerator?


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The process of installing a Kohler faucet aerator consists of shutting off the water supply to the sink, unscrewing the existing aerator by unscrewing it counterclockwise and twisting the new aerator into place. Replace older faucets that lack the mounting point needed to complete the installation, and protect faucets with tape or rags so that they do not get scratched when using a wrench to remove existing hardware.

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Use grooved channel lock pliers to remove aerators that are too tight for hand removal. Inspect the threads of the faucet to ensure they are clean and free of debris before installing a new aerator. Many new Kohler aerators come with a washer, but reusing the existing one may be possible in certain cases. Tighten the new aerator until it is finger tight, and then turn on the water supply and faucet to inspect for leaks.

Wrap a rubber grip pad around a leaking aerator before using pliers or a crescent wrench to tighten the fit. Installing a low-flow faucet aerator is an effective way to reduce water consumption and lower energy bills. Most modern faucets come with an aerator that features a 2.5 gallons per minute flow rate, although aerators that feature flow rates of up to 5 gallons per minute are not uncommon for older faucets.

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