How Do I Install a Kitchen Shelf?

install-kitchen-shelf Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

Kitchen wall shelves can be placed in any part of the kitchen, as long as there are a sufficient number of studs. You need a power drill with a 0.5-inch drill bit, 1.25 flat-head wood screws, shelves, level, twin-track metal standards and a stud sensor. Twin metal standards are stronger than the single variety.

  1. Look for the wall studs

    Use an electronic sensor to search for the wall studs. Use a stud sensor for plaster walls. If you do not have a sensor of any kind, punch small holes in the wall with a nail and hammer. Mark the studs.

  2. Drill the holes

    Place the metal standard in between the points you marked on the studs. Mark where the screw hole meets the stud, and drill with a power drill using the 0.5-inch drill bit. Use a level and standard to find the bottom screw hole that is fixed on the wall. Drill another hole.

  3. Hang the first standard

    Add a 2.5-inch hole above the first standard and pilot hole. Use a level to adjust the standard, and insert another screw in the bottom hole. Insert screws in the rest of the screw holes of the standard.

  4. Hang the second standard

    Place a shelf bracket in the first standard and the other bracket in the second one. The second standard should be 32 inches from the first standard. Use a level to determine the correct position of the second standard. Mark the holes and drill. Install the screws in the same way as the first standard.

  5. Install the remaining brackets

    Place the remaining brackets on the standards. Drill holes in the brackets where the mounting holes are located.

  6. Install the shelves

    Place the holes on the brackets. Use the wood screws to drill holes that are in the brackets. Screw halfway into the shelf so they are not visible on the top portion of the shelf. Install the remaining shelves.