How Do You Install Kitchen Greenhouse Windows?

How Do You Install Kitchen Greenhouse Windows?

Install kitchen greenhouse windows by attaching a metal flashing to the top corners of the window and around the window opening and affixing the window to the opening using adhesive. Secure the attachment using nails, and then re-attach the siding.

Begin installing a greenhouse window by measuring the window opening accurately and ordering the window using the measurement. Ensure that the opening is square and level. Repair any holes or warping in the wood of the opening.

Upon receiving the greenhouse window, clean it thoroughly using water and vinegar, and ensure that the nailing fin does not have gaps or cracks. Position the window on the opening, and check its fitting.

When affixing the metal flashing to the top inner corners of the greenhouse window, position it towards the outer edge. To affix the flashing around the window opening, spray adhesive along the opening's edges. Overlap the flashing at the corners, and attach a piece of flashing diagonally on these spots for added protection.

Spray the adhesive on the flashing, and seek out assistance from a helper to attach the greenhouse window over it. Ensure that the window hides the flashing and is plumb and level. Drive nails in the nailing fin holes of the window using a hammer.

Using tin snips, cut and attach J-channels for all the window's sides, use nails to attach building paper on exposed sheathing around, and re-affix the siding.