How Do You Install Kitchen Drawer Inserts?


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To install kitchen drawer inserts, begin by removing the drawers for the easiest access and installation. Measure the inside of each drawer's width and length and write down its exact measurements.

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With the adhesive side facing up, unroll the insert and mark out the measurement needed for each drawer. If needed, number each drawer's insert starting with the first measured to the last to keep track of which piece belongs to which drawer. Most insert rolls have a measurement grid on the back, but using a ruler may provide more accurate measurements if the cut sizes greatly differ. Carefully cut the insert along the markings and test each cut out in the associated drawer basin. Trim any excess edges.

Once the insert fits correctly, position the insert face up in the drawer and begin to remove the wax paper backing from one corner only. Press the exposed corner into the basin of the drawer to seal it. Slowly remove the rest of the backing and smooth out the insert as you go along to the opposite corner. Smooth out any bubbles and wrinkles from the center to the edges using your palm. Repeat until all the drawer inserts are in place.

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