How Do You Install a Kitchen Backsplash?


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To install a kitchen backsplash, add coverings to the cabinets and counters, lay out the tile patterns, add adhesives to the wall, apply the tiles, and add sealants and grout. You need a notched trowel, utility knife, tile saw, wax pencil, saw, plumb leveler, tape and plastic tile shims.

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  1. Cover the counters and cabinets

    Use spacers between the bottom of the tile sheets and the countertops to leave room for caulking. Clean the tiles, and cover the counters and cabinets with paper and tape. Shut off the power in the kitchen, and remove any outlet plates in the vicinity.

  2. Establish the tile

    Lay out the tile in a set pattern. Double your measurements to make sure there is plenty of mortar.

  3. Apply adhesive to the wall

    Sand the wall with 80-grit sandpaper without sanding away the paint. Apply pre-mixed adhesive to the wall with a trowel at a 45-degree angle. Use white mortar if you are installing light-colored tiles.

  4. Add the tiles to the wall

    Press the tile against the wall firmly. Wiggle around the tile to secure proper suction. Continue applying the tile, and cut around any blockages using a tile saw.

  5. Add grout and sealant

    Apply grout and sealant after the mortar has dried.

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