How Do You Install a Kenmore Microwave?

How Do You Install a Kenmore Microwave?

How Do You Install a Kenmore Microwave?

Installing a Kenmore microwave is slightly different for under- the-cabinet models than for countertop models. Since an under-the-cabinet model must be mounted to the wall, it requires an extra step.

  1. Remove the microwave from the packaging to ensure that all parts are present

    Microwaves typically come with an installation guide that includes a list of all included parts as well as any tools that are necessary to complete the installation. Before beginning an installation, it is important to make sure that all of the parts are included in the packaging and that you have all the necessary tools.

  2. Hang the wall mount template

    Under-the-cabinet microwave models include a wall mount template. Find the studs in the wall on which the microwave is to be mounted, and align the center of the template with the studs. Attach the template to the wall. This step is unnecessary for countertop microwaves.

  3. Use the wall template to drill holes for securing the wall mount

    Use the markings on the wall template to drill holes for the wall mount. It is also important to drill a hole for the power cord. Then, secure the mount to the wall. This step is unecessary if you have a countertop microwave.

  4. Mount the microwave and plug it in

    Place the microwave on the wall mount if it is an under-the-cabinet model or on the counter if it is a countertop model. Insert any glass trays or other accessories that are included. Plug the microwave in.

  5. Set the time, date and custom presets

    Using the guide provided with the microwave, follow the instructions for setting the time and date. Set any desired custom presets at this time if they are featured in the installed model.