How Do You Install a Junction Box in a Basement?

To install a junction box in a basement, determine the location for the junction box installation, disconnect the power to the line, mount the box, connect the lines, and close the cover. Junction boxes can be used to connect or extend electric lines or for additional outlets.

The junction box can be mounted practically anywhere. It can be recessed into a wall, hung from a ceiling joist or hidden behind the wall or ceiling. After selecting the location, turn off the electrical power at the main house breaker that is connected to the line where you plan to install the junction box. If there is any question as to the correct breaker, just throw the house disconnect to ensure the line is not hot.

Mount the box firmly in the selected location. Insert the connection wires through the holes on the sides of the junction box. Match the color coding of the wires exactly to connect them. The black wire is hot and connects to black, and the white wire is neutral and connects to white. The remaining wire to be connected is the ground, which is colored either green or is bare with no coating.

Twist the matching wires together firmly, and seal them with red wire nuts for the hot and neutral and green wire nuts for the ground. Screw the cover plate on, and restore the power.