How Do You Install a John Deere Oil Filter?


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To install a John Deere oil filter, first warm the oil by running the tractor for a couple of minutes. Drain out the old oil, and remove the old oil filter. Install the new oil filter, and ensure it is fixed tightly in place.

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The process requires a new oil filter, a dipstick, an oil filter wrench, a service manual, a wrench and an oil pan. Using a wrench, remove the oil plug from the engine bottom. Drain the old oil into the oil pan. Remove the old oil filter by rotating it in a counterclockwise alongside the oil filter wrench. Consult the owner’s service manual if unsure of the location of the filter.

Use a small amount of oil to coat the rubber gasket of the new oil filter before putting it in place. Avoid over-tightening the oil filter to ease removal during the next replacement.

Put back the oil plug in the engine bottom, and tighten it securely. Pour back the oil into the engine by removing the oil fill cover. Using an oil dipstick, check to see whether the oil is at the recommended level, and add more if necessary. Contact a John Deere professional if you have trouble during the installation.

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