How Do You Install a Jacuzzi?


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To install a Jacuzzi tub, build a tub frame, install a ground fault circuit interpreter, level and secure the tub, and add anchor strips and padding. Finish the frame, and caulk the cracks between the Jacuzzi and the surrounding wall or tile.

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Follow the Jacuzzi's specification sheet to build a wooden frame that matches the tub's size and stands strong when filled with water and occupants to full capacity. Ensure that the access panel is accessible in case you need to reach the tub's mechanical components. Purchase a GFCI outlet for plugging in the power cord, and install it in the tub's frame according to manufacturer instructions. Set the tub on the wooden frame using a carpenter's level on all sides and making adjustments as necessary. Use the screws that came with the tub to secure the flange to the frame. Following the Jacuzzi's user instructions, attach the water and drainage lines.

If your Jacuzzi came with anchor straps, attach them to anchors drilled into the floor or wall studs. If the tub came with insulating pads to reduce vibration, place them between the bottom of the tub and the floor or frame. Test the electrical components and plumbing before adding drywall, tiles and any other finishing to the tub frame, and use silicone caulking to seal all cracks.

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