How Do You Install Island Base Cabinets?

How Do You Install Island Base Cabinets?

Island base cabinets attach to the floor rather than an interior wall. You may install these cabinets with a few materials. Gather a measuring tool, a level, shims, a tool for drilling, 3-inch wood screws, a tool for driving screws and a utility knife.

  1. Measure the work area

    Measure and mark the layout for the cabinet before placing the island base cabinet on the floor in the installation area.

  2. Level the cabinet

    Level the cabinet by tapping the wooden shims under the bottom rail of the cabinet where it meets the floor.

  3. Drill holes for the floor in a cabinet with doors

    Drill the holes in a cabinet with doors spaced at 12 inches along the perimeter of the base and 1 inch up from the floor so that the holes angle at 30 degrees toward the outside of the cabinet and emerge through the bottom of the railing.

  4. Drill holes in the floor for a cabinet with no doors

    Drill holes for a cabinet with no doors along the outside of the rail at 12-inch intervals with the same angle as a cabinet with doors.

  5. Secure the cabinets

    Insert the screws into all of the holes, and tighten them securely. Trim the shims flush with the cabinet base with a utility knife or an oscillating tool with a flush cutting blade.