How Do You Install Iron Stair Railings on the Exterior of Your Home?

Homeowners can install iron stair railings on the outside of their homes with the following tools: hammer, tape measure, level, masonry bit, drill and hacksaw. It is also a good idea to use safety equipment, such as ear plugs, gloves and safety glasses.

Follow these steps to install iron railings for stairs.

  1. Measure for custom railing
  2. Use the tape measure and level to get the exact dimensions of the front steps where the landing will be located. This includes measuring the depth and slope of the landing, and the run and rise of the stairs. Take these measurements to a local construction supply chain to order a railing that perfectly fits the front stoop.

  3. Drill mounting holes in stoop
  4. Place the railing on the stairs about two inches from the outside edge of the staircase. Mark the position of the railing plates and drill holes with a pencil. Set aside. Use a masonry bit on the drill to drill the mounting holes about two and one half inches deep for the railing. Tap the railing anchors into place in each of the mounting holes. Remove the nuts and place the railing on top of the anchors.

  5. Level and secure the railing
  6. Slide the railing in place with the drill holes in the railing plates lined up with the anchors in the concrete. Secure in place loosely with the anchor nuts. Use the level to plumb the railing. Slide washers under the railing plates to correct any lean. Screw down the anchor nuts to secure. Trim the anchor tops with a hacksaw and install cap nuts to create a finished look.