How Do You Install Intex Replacement Pool Liners?


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Installing an Intex replacement pool liner requires draining the pool, removing the old liner, leveling the bottom of the pool and finally putting the liner itself into the pool. While most Intex liners install easily, users should take care to avoid trapping excess air between the pool and liner.

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When the bottom of the pool is lined with a material called vermiculite, leveling is easy, while older sand-bottomed pools usually require professional leveling. In addition to the bottom itself, the pool's cove also typically requires reshaping. The cove is a small wedge of soil, sand or vermiculite that prevents the liner from slipping under the pool's walls.

Most Intex replacement liners are single-bead liners, which install relatively easily. Single-bead liners have a thicker bead around the edge of the liner that fits into a receiver on the side of the pool. Single-bead liners minimize the amount of air that gets trapped between the pool and the liner, but some extra steps are still necessary.

Removing excess air is necessary to prevent the liner from stretching or ripping. The easiest way to remove trapped air is simply to push the trapped air toward an opening and then to force the air out. A faster method is to use a vacuum hose to draw out excess air. Totally removing air from between the liner and the pool is usually impossible, but leaving a few small bubbles or wrinkles is not dangerous.

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