How Do You Install Intermatic Replacement Parts?

The procedure for installing Intermatic replacement parts depends on the part being replaced. However, for all replacement procedures, it is important to ensure the power is off, and that you are not standing on bare ground or holding a metal object while operating an Intermatic part that uses power.

To replace the clock motor, turn the power off and remove the insulator inside the box. Use a screwdriver to loosen all the screws that keep the cables in place, and pull these cables away from the Intermatic system. Compress a tab at the top of the box to remove the entire Intermatic mechanism. Place it on a flat surface, and remove the screws that keep the clock motor in place. Remove the white cables and the clock motor from the Intermatic mechanism, and replace it with a new clock motor. Put everything back in its place, and switch the power on.

To replace the circuit breaker, switch off the power and remove the wire from the circuit breaker. Pull the circuit breaker off the busbar, and try to loosen the circuit breaker from the busbar. Pry up the breaker gently using a flat-tip screwdriver. After removing the old circuit breaker, connect the wires to the new breaker, and check to ensure no insulation is under the screws. Firmly push the breaker onto the busbar, and tighten the screws against the copper wire.