How Do You Install Interior Wall Paneling?


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To install paneling, allow the paneling to acclimate to the home's climate for 24 to 48 hours, and install 1/2-inch furring strips cut that are 11 inches wide. Cut the panels 1/4 inch shorter than the existing wall, and cut holes in the panel for electrical outlets or other features. Secure the paneling to the wall using the nails or adhesive recommended by the paneling manufacturer.

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Place the furring strips so they are centered at 16 inches, and begin installing the paneling at the corner nearest the room's entrance. Cut the paneling to the proper length and width, set the paneling in place, and check the paneling to ensure it is plumb. Cut the outside edge of the paneling so it is nailed directly to a furring strip.

To determine where to cut holes for outlets and other features, apply a thick layer of chalk around the feature, and place the panel firmly against the wall. Drill a hole at each corner of the chalk outline, and use a keyhole saw to cut the hole.

When nailing the paneling in place, allow a space the width of a dime to remain between the nail and the paneling, and cover the head of the hammer with a cloth to prevent damaging the wood.

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