How Do You Install Interior Sliding Pocket Doors?


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A basic way to install an interior sliding pocket door is to cut an area around the wall, install the header-and-track assembly and the split jamb stiffeners, and then install the hanging hardware before the doors. Finish by putting the drywall back into place and installing the door casing.

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For a detailed approach, cut into the drywall by following the instructions given by the manufacturer of the pocket door. On the top jamb, install the header-and-track assembly, and nail the end plate to the studs. Attach the split jamb stiffeners to the floor bracket, and plumb them before nailing the brackets on the floor and split jamb to the header. Install the second pair to the middle of the pocket, and then paint all of the edges to prevent warping.

Next, install the hanging hardware according to the directions, and slide the wheel hangers onto the track before adjusting the hangers to make the door even. Install the handle, and then remove the door and install the drywall over the pocket. Finish the joints with drywall compound and tape before reinstalling the door and installing the door guides. The guides must be in the center of the door and only allow enough clearance for a smooth slide.

Nail the two-piece side and the head jambs on both sides of the door so it lines up with the wall surface. Install both sides of the jamb, drill a hole for the strike plate and install the door casing to finish.

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