How Do You Install Interior Shutters?


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Shutters are a suitable option if there are no blinds. Shutters maintain heat in a home and provide ventilation during warmer seasons. This is a project that requires shutters; paint is optional. The necessary tools include a measuring tape, screwdriver, wood chisel, pencil, saw, hammer, cardboard, straight edge, utility knife and drill.

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  1. Measure the window

    Measure the window in such a way that the shutters cross over the jamb. If it is placed in the inside opening, then measure the height and width in various places. The most narrow measurement should be for the width and the smallest measurement pertains to the height. Measure the inside mount to the nearest 1/8 inch.

  2. Trim the shutters

    Trimming the shutters may be necessary to achieve equal measurements. Avoid trimming too much siding. Test for a proper fit by placing the shutters in the opening, and adjust accordingly.

  3. Install the hinges

    Install the hinges from top to bottom. Heavy shutters may require an additional hinge in the center. Shutters at the top and bottom are usually affixed 1 1/2 inches from the top and bottom. The hinges fit best when mortises are cut out for a proper fit. Outline the hinge with a utility knife, and chisel out the space.

  4. Test the shutters

    Close the shutters, and wedge into place with cardboard to ensure proper clearance. Test to make sure the shutters open freely. Trace the outlines of the hinge with a pencil on the shutter stiles. This is to secure clean edges for the hinge mortises. Run over the lines with a utility knife held with a straight edge.

  5. Mount the shutters

    Remove the shutters, and mortise if necessary. Drill small pilot holes, and follow by placing in the shutters. Shift the jamb hinges, if necessary, then drill in the remaining screws.

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