How Do You Install Interior Security Bars on Windows?


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To install interior security bars on windows, measure the installation places on the window openings, drill security screw holes, and secure the bars onto the windows with security screws. Be sure to install the security bars in places where an individual can easily open them while inside the house.

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Start by gathering the necessary tools and materials, including a tape measure, drill, drill bits, security screws and security bars. Be sure to buy security bars that suit your windows before attempting this task. Using the tape measure, determine the window opening measurements at the place of installation, hold the bars against the window frame, and mark the locations of the security screws on the window frame opening. Fix the appropriate drill bit onto the drill, and drill the security screw holes.

Once the holes are ready, hold the security bar in the position of installation, align the security screw holes, and secure the bar onto the window frame with the security screws. For proper installation, drive the screws through the window frame casing all the way into the window framing. Once the bar is securely attached to the window, install the remaining security bars on the remaining windows using a similar process.

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