How Do You Install Interior Moldings?


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To install molding, purchase the appropriate baseboard molding and crown molding, and then carefully measure and cut pieces down to the right size. Make sure you have the right tools on hand before beginning, and create a template from off-cut pieces to ensure that the molding looks right before affixing the pieces into place.

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Before installing molding, make sure to select the appropriate size; molding that's too thick can be distracting, while molding that's too thin looks unusual. Make sure you have the tools your need before beginning. Measuring tape is crucial, and a gentle cutting tool helps you avoid damaging the molding. Nail guns help you achieve a clean look, and a stud finder can save you time.

Create a template by using off-cut pieces after measuring and cutting your crown molding. Use blue chalk lines to create a reference point for your molding before removing the template. Also, take time to check that pieces fit snugly in corners, as it's far easier to fix small imperfections before attaching the molding.

Inside corners can be difficult for the inexperienced, but many experts rely on coping to ensure a clean look. Cut a miter into the piece of molding already in place, and then carefully cut the front end of the second piece. Test the new piece before nailing it into place. After the molding is in place, use sandpaper on imperfections to give it a professional look.

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