How Do You Install an Intercom?


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To install a door intercom, detach the pager from the base, and place the base in the desired location on the outdoor wall. Use screws to secure the base to the wall, place the batteries in the pager unit, and attach the pager to the base unit. Repeat the process to install the indoor unit, connect the control wire and plug-in jack to the indoor unit, and program the intercom after plugging it into an outlet.

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When installing the exterior intercom, use screws that are recommended for the surface. For instance, use concrete screws if the exterior wall is masonry, or use wood screws if the exterior wall is siding. Install AC-powered intercoms near an outlet in the desired location. If the unit is battery-powered, install it in the most convenient location.

To install the indoor intercom on a drywall or plaster surface, use the base plate as a template to mark the location for the screws, and drill holes into the wall using a screwdriver bit at each marked location. Insert 1 1/2-inch plastic anchors into the holes, and install the base using the provided screws. Program the intercom according to the manufacturer's instructions, and test the intercom to ensure it is working properly.

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