How Do You Install Integrated Fridge Doors?

Installing integrated refrigerator doors requires reading the installation kit manufacturer's directions, positioning the refrigerator, drilling the holes and attaching the door. Each manufacturer uses slightly different methods of attachment, so pay close attention to the directions. The process requires half a day. The holes in the refrigerator door make the installation irreversible.

  1. Read the manufacturer's directions

    Take time to learn if the kit uses the sliding system or the door-on-door method of attachment. The sliding system includes a rail that opens the door, whereas the door-on-door system requires mounting the matching cabinet doors directly to the refrigerator door.

  2. Position the refrigerator

    The contractor should have constructed the opening so it is deep enough for the refrigerator to sit flush with the adjoining cabinets. Take time to level the refrigerator once it slides into place. Make sure the opening provides the required clearance for the doors to open properly. Do not drill any holes or attach the doors to the refrigerator until it is leveled.

  3. Drill the holes

    Use the template included in the kit to mark the holes for both the doors and the refrigerator. Work carefully to ensure an exact match. This will prevent damage to the refrigerator or doors.

  4. Attach the doors

    Use the screws from the kit to hang the doors on the refrigerator. The finished project should match the surrounding cabinets.