How Do You Install Integral Blinds?


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Measure the window to choose the right size of integral blinds. Mount the brackets on the window frame, open the brackets, fit in the blinds and close the brackets to secure the blind.

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While integral blinds are available in standard sizes, they can be custom ordered to fit the window with a choice between sash cord operated blinds or remote operated blinds. Align the brackets on either side of the window frame evenly and straight. With a pencil, mark the screw holes in each bracket, and drill a hole on the frame. Screw the bracket securely in place, and place the front lip of the head rail into the brackets along the length of the blind. Hold the blind underneath the top rail that has the lift and tilt mechanism, also known as the head rail.

Push the blind towards the window and into the brackets, making sure that it fits in the bracket evenly. Lock the catches to secure the blind in place and lower the blind to ensure smooth operation. Install a cleat in the molding if the blinds come with a sash cord to keep the cord out of the way. Some integral blinds are also installed between glass panes in a double glazed unit and are either cord operated or include a magnetic siding option.

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