How Do You Install Insulation?


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To install insulation, you must first determine the exact area to be insulated by taking accurate measurements of the walls. There are several choices when it comes to types of insulation, so choosing the right one is another important first step to achieving the ultimate insulation barrier for any home.

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Begin by making sure that the faced batt insulation is the correct size to fit the designated spaces within the walls. Then, place the insulation in position within the space, carefully aligning in a row rather than allowing it to bunch up. If the insulation is overly compressed, it can become less effective in its insulating capabilities. In addition, it is best to place the insulation with the paper side facing toward you rather than facing inside the wall so that it can be securely attached to the studs along the wall. Once the insulation is placed smoothly in its proper position, gently pull out on the paper side of the insulation to fill the entire space.

Once the insulation is in position, staple the lip of the flanges on the faced batt insulation to the wall studs. Be sure to place the staples about 8 to 12 inches apart for best results. Once all of the insulation is stapled in place, the insulation installation should be complete.

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