How Do You Install an IKEA Kitchen Cabinet?

How Do You Install an IKEA Kitchen Cabinet?

To install IKEA wall and base cabinets, mark two level lines at appropriate heights from the floor, draw horizontal lines from the points, and locate the wall studs along the lines. For a wall cabinet, secure a suspension rail on the studs, and secure the cabinet to the rail. For a base cabinet, install a wall strip on the studs, and secure the cabinet to it. Use the hardware provided for the installation.

To install an IKEA wall cabinet, identify the high and low floor points using a level. From the floor's high point, mark the cabinet's top, and another point 2 1/2 inches below it. To install an IKEA base cabinet, measure and mark the 34 1/2-inch and 4 5/16-inch points on the wall from the floor's high point.

In both cases, draw two 4-foot long lines parallel to the floor from the marked points. Then, with a stud finder, identify and mark the wall studs along the lower lines.

For the wall cabinets, cut a suspension rail so that its length is 1/4 inch less than the length of the cabinet along the wall. Position the rail along the lower line, and install it. Level the cabinet along the upper line, and secure it to the suspension rail.

For the base cabinets, install a wall strip, as long as the cabinet's length along the wall, on the lower line. Support the cabinet using support legs, level it to the wall strip, and mark the pre-drilled hole points on the wall. Drill on these markings, and secure the cabinet, while ensuring that it is level. Screw filler pieces next to the outer cabinets, and caulk along their edges.

To attach several together, drill the holes indicated between two cabinets, and use connection screws to join them.