How Do You Install an Igniter on a Gas Stove?


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To install a new gas stove top igniter, set aside the burner outlets, lift the range top, remove the old igniter, and install the new igniter. Prepare a screwdriver, wire connector, wire crimp tool and scrap lumber. An adjustable wrench and a putty knife are also necessary.

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Before starting the installation, ensure that the power supply to the gas range is disconnected. Remove and set aside the burner outlets, and slowly pry up the stovetop’s front corners using a putty knife. Allow the stovetop to remain open by inserting a piece of scrap lumber.

Use an adjustable wrench to remove the nut that secures the old igniter’s orifice holder. Next, unfasten the screw connecting the old igniter and orifice holder, and pull off the wiring from the igniter. Use a wire crimp tool to cut around 1/4 inch from the existing wire connector and another 1/4 inch from the wire’s insulation. Use the tool again to insert a new connector to the stove’s wiring.

Insert the wire connector to the new igniter, and position the igniter in the orifice holder. After changing the mounting screw, arrange the orifice holder onto the orifice. Use the previously removed nut to fasten the orifice into place. Lower the stovetop slowly while aligning the orifice holders with their stovetop openings. Finally, screw the burner bases, arrange the burner covers, and change the burner grates.

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